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Oil Rigs & Vessel Series

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The most preferred of the known methods of protection against corrosion of metallic equipment for the extraction of oil and gas under the influence of H2S, is a method of using corrosion inhibitors, which create resistant protective film on the surface of metal equipment. 
Corrosion within the oil and gas industry commonly causes serious environmental problems, such as spills and releases. The effect of corrosion in this industry leads to the failure of parts and rusting. Vessel corrosion is a major hazard for the industry. The deterioration of vessel structures causes higher maintenance costs, early system failures, or an overall shortened service life. Preventive measures will decrease maintenance costs, early system failures, and an overall improve service life of vessels granted they are detected in enough time.
Vappro provides a range of corrosion inhibitor products that protect metals and minimize these risks. These risks apply even when rigs are stacked or mothballed, not just when they are operating in the field. Vappro Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor's (VCI's) can be used in these common oil & gas industry applications such as rust removals, corrosion prevention, rust neutralizer, engines and gear boxes, fuel systems, pipelines etc.

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