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Corrosion is the costliest deterioration of equipment in storage. The primary factors contributing to it are oxygen and alternate wetting and drying; sunlight and variable weather are secondary. Oxygen is continuously present, while the wetting and drying comes largely from night-time condensation and daytime evaporation. Corrosion accelerates if condensation includes dissolved mineral salts such as those present in ocean air and certain industrial atmospheres. Dust particles settling on the metal from the air also accelerate corrosion markedly.
Corrosion of ferrous metal shows as rust which forms in speckles, in areas, and in pits. Each form has a special effect on the problem of restoring the surface. In some instances, rust will grow out from a spot and cover a large portion of the surface. In other cases, the spot will not spread in areas but will work into the surface forming a pit. There are also times when the spot will grow in area as well as in, depth. As rust on any-critical surface will hamper the equipment when it is put to use, rust must be either prevented or removed. 
VAPPRO VCI products in warehouse series helps material or equipment to store in the warehouse or open yards with proper protection by using Rust removers / degreasers, Preventive coatings, Protective packaging etc

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