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Application of Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) for protection of various military equipment from corrosion during storage and overseas transport provides numerous advantages. When Vappro VCI corrosion inhibitors are being applied during the process of corrosion protection they will enable strong protection of the equipment during storage and transport without additional time and money needed prior to putting equipment in operation. During transport the equipment travels through various climate zones experiencing changes in temperature and humidity that are favorable to corrosion.
Vappro vci products in military series enables the equipment and its components to resist the corrosion caused by moisture and environment. All Vappro products conform to US military specifications, with their superior quality, integrity and cost-effectiveness. 
Vappro ensures that the equipment slated for preservation remains protected and in an optimal operational state when mobilized after the period of downtime. Another of its features is its applicability in extreme conditions including temperature, cold, tropical and desert conditions

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