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The best known, widely applied and economically advantageous method for corrosion protection of metallurgical equipment of oil and gas enterprises, which operated in extremely corrosive conditions, is the use of corrosion inhibitors (VCI). VCI has sufficient vapor pressure, which allows it to saturate the gas phase and adsorb on the metal surface while providing reliable protection. 

VAPPRO has developed Non-toxic, Biodegradable, environmentally safe VCI chemicals which effectively protects against corrosion metallic equipment of oil and gas companies in corrosive (including gas) environments. This product can be applied  at fields of natural gas extraction, Pipelines for gas transportation, Gas processing plants, Other gas systems etc. 
This series of products quickly saturates the gas phase with its vapors and reliably maintains the stability of the protective film of the inhibitor formed on the surface of the metal equipment, thus providing its reliable protection against corrosion damage. At the same time, its vapor penetrates into the cracks and gaps that are inaccessible to contact inhibitors. It also provides a slowdown in corrosion processes under the layers of corrosion products and depositions.

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Oil & Gas Plant VAPPRO VCI-837


Vappro VCI-837 VCI Liquid - It effectively inhibits corrosion of copper and copper alloys. No degreasing or stripping is necessary, the protected metal will retain a clean and rust free surface.