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VAPPRO VCI OIL & GAS series focuses on the protection of all metals against corrosion in an aqueous environment, either immersed in seawater or buried. Internal corrosion of pipelines and structures is a prevalent risk in the oil and gas industry. The effect of corrosion in this industry leads to the failure of parts and rusting. Damage from internal corrosion can cause significant setbacks such as reduced productivity, maintenance downtime and even equipment replacement. These risks apply even when rigs are stacked or mothballed, not just when they are operating in the field.
Vappro provides a range of corrosion inhibitor products that protect metals and minimize these risks. Oil and gas materials last longer when both inhibitors and protective coatings are used together. 
VAPPRO VCI corrosion inhibitors are chemicals that are used to protect the surface of metals used in oil and gas industries to prevent corrosion. They protect the surface of metals either by merging with them or by reacting with the impurities in the environment that may cause corrosion.

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