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Warehouse Series

Corrosion is the costliest deterioration of equipment in storage. The primary factors contributing to it are oxygen and alternate wetting and drying; sunlight and variable weather are secondary. Oxygen is continuously present, while the wetting and drying comes largely from night-time condensation and daytime evaporation. Corrosion accelerates if condensation includes dissolved mineral salts such as those present in ocean air and certain industrial atmospheres. Dust particles settling on the metal from the air also accelerate corrosion markedly.   Corrosion of ferrous metal shows as rust which forms in speckles, in areas, and in pits. Each form has a special effect on the problem of restoring the surface. In some instances, rust will grow out from a spot and cover a large portion of the surface. In other cases, the spot will not spread in areas but will work into the surface forming a pit. There are also times when the spot will grow in area as well as in, depth. As rust on any-critical surface will hamper the equipment when it is put to use, rust must be either prevented or removed.    VAPPRO VCI products in warehouse series helps material or equipment to store in the warehouse or open yards with proper protection by using Rust removers / degreasers, Preventive coatings, Protective packaging etc

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Oil & Gas Series

VAPPRO VCI OIL & GAS series focuses on the protection of all metals against corrosion in an aqueous environment, either immersed in seawater or buried. Internal corrosion of pipelines and structures is a prevalent risk in the oil and gas industry. The effect of corrosion in this industry leads to the failure of parts and rusting. Damage from internal corrosion can cause significant setbacks such as reduced productivity, maintenance downtime and even equipment replacement. These risks apply even when rigs are stacked or mothballed, not just when they are operating in the field.   Vappro provides a range of corrosion inhibitor products that protect metals and minimize these risks. Oil and gas materials last longer when both inhibitors and protective coatings are used together.  VAPPRO VCI corrosion inhibitors are chemicals that are used to protect the surface of metals used in oil and gas industries to prevent corrosion. They protect the surface of metals either by merging with them or by reacting with the impurities in the environment that may cause corrosion.

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Military Series

Application of Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) for protection of various military equipment from corrosion during storage and overseas transport provides numerous advantages. When Vappro VCI corrosion inhibitors are being applied during the process of corrosion protection they will enable strong protection of the equipment during storage and transport without additional time and money needed prior to putting equipment in operation. During transport the equipment travels through various climate zones experiencing changes in temperature and humidity that are favorable to corrosion. Vappro vci products in military series enables the equipment and its components to resist the corrosion caused by moisture and environment. All Vappro products conform to US military specifications, with their superior quality, integrity and cost-effectiveness.    Vappro ensures that the equipment slated for preservation remains protected and in an optimal operational state when mobilized after the period of downtime. Another of its features is its applicability in extreme conditions including temperature, cold, tropical and desert conditions

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Power Plant Series

Thermal power plants including geothermal, coal, nuclear, natural gas and solar thermal electric plants generate steam to drive turbines that spin electrical generators, or dynamos. These types of plants have similar components that operate at different pressures and temperatures, such as: Boilers, Steel drums, Feed water heaters, Super heater, Turbine, Pipes, Cooling tower etc.   Proper cooling water treatment is necessary to set the water chemical characteristics within a specified window to avoid or minimize corrosion problems, scale formation, fouling, and microbiological contamination. VAPPRO VCI Corrosion inhibitors are an effective means of corrosion control and they are required in highly corrosive environments in power plants

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Oil & Gas Plant

The best known, widely applied and economically advantageous method for corrosion protection of metallurgical equipment of oil and gas enterprises, which operated in extremely corrosive conditions, is the use of corrosion inhibitors (VCI). VCI has sufficient vapor pressure, which allows it to saturate the gas phase and adsorb on the metal surface while providing reliable protection.  VAPPRO has developed Non-toxic, Biodegradable, environmentally safe VCI chemicals which effectively protects against corrosion metallic equipment of oil and gas companies in corrosive (including gas) environments. This product can be applied  at fields of natural gas extraction, Pipelines for gas transportation, Gas processing plants, Other gas systems etc.    This series of products quickly saturates the gas phase with its vapors and reliably maintains the stability of the protective film of the inhibitor formed on the surface of the metal equipment, thus providing its reliable protection against corrosion damage. At the same time, its vapor penetrates into the cracks and gaps that are inaccessible to contact inhibitors. It also provides a slowdown in corrosion processes under the layers of corrosion products and depositions.

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Oil Rigs & Vessel Series

The most preferred of the known methods of protection against corrosion of metallic equipment for the extraction of oil and gas under the influence of H2S, is a method of using corrosion inhibitors, which create resistant protective film on the surface of metal equipment.  Corrosion within the oil and gas industry commonly causes serious environmental problems, such as spills and releases. The effect of corrosion in this industry leads to the failure of parts and rusting. Vessel corrosion is a major hazard for the industry. The deterioration of vessel structures causes higher maintenance costs, early system failures, or an overall shortened service life. Preventive measures will decrease maintenance costs, early system failures, and an overall improve service life of vessels granted they are detected in enough time. Vappro provides a range of corrosion inhibitor products that protect metals and minimize these risks. These risks apply even when rigs are stacked or mothballed, not just when they are operating in the field. Vappro Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor's (VCI's) can be used in these common oil & gas industry applications such as rust removals, corrosion prevention, rust neutralizer, engines and gear boxes, fuel systems, pipelines etc.

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